12 reasons to hire consultants for your business


Surround yourself with people who know more than you do! Invest in consultancies so that your business grows much more.

If you want to grow as a business, you should definitely focus on your “core” and stop trying to do it all yourself. When we focus on working on what we are experts in and letting “external experts” help us cover other important areas in our companies, the magic begins … We start to grow more.

Investing in good advice is one of my main tips for start-ups and companies that want to continue growing. Live where you live, you will find specialised companies willing to help you grow your business.

Here at RS Chase you will receive legal assistance to ensure you are making the right decision regarding your assets and how to protect them from potential future litigations. To give you an idea, today we will provide you with some asset protection strategies we consider are the best when it comes to securing your assets for the long term.

Nowadays hiring personnel is an option that is convenient for small and medium-sized companies, as they increase their payroll and invest a lot of time in recruiting, training, supervising and expecting results. Outsourcing, in most cases, and in some areas, is usually a more immediate and expert option. It is vital that you have time to devote to your clients, your business strategy and the operation of it, so we recommend that you do not even think about hiring external help in the following areas:

  • Accounting advice
  • Tax advice
  • Legal advice
  • Marketing advice
  • Staff administration
  • Recruitment and staff selection
  • Maintenance and security

Except that your “business core” is any of the above, every company requires continuous treatment of these areas, all are vital for your company to be healthy, sell and have the best staff.

Still not convinced? Here we share the five main reasons why you should hire an external specialist for your business.

  1. Experience and specialisation

Without sweating, they will know more than you. The external advice will help you to have experts looking after your business, focused on tangible results which allows you to optimise your budgets and of course, your time in business is the most valuable good, right?

  1. Someone who speaks to you clearly and objectively with objectivity

An advisor has the responsibility to guide you and clearly say your areas of opportunity, which is also invaluable in the business world, that someone external diagnose and take care of making you see what you have to improve from an objective point of view.

  1. The opportunity cost

Some companies want to save trying to train their staff or even the owners to take responsibility for marketing, accounting and / or recruit staff, but have you thought about all the time you invest in it and you take away your core business?

  1. Leave your “comfort zone”

All companies feel comfortable following a routine, right? But in a time of changes and accelerated evolution like in which we live, that only leaves you little by little outside the market. An expert will push you to make changes, orient your processes to new ways and in conclusion to stop doing the same waiting for new results.

  1. Effective and focused solutions to a specific problem

It can also be said that it is a medical problem and can tell you what you should know. They are experts! Your work is quarte! Nothing to try until you find the solution, they will hit the spot very much before you.

  1. For the deadline we need it

Counselling, for the most part, last for as long as the needs or time in the results. There is no hassle in going when you are ready for it.

  1. Growth opportunities

Remember that automatization can save you a lot of time you’d otherwise spend looking for suitable solutions to your issues, skip all these problems with the help of truly experienced experts who will be able to provide you with a definite solution.

  1. Identification of problems without publicity

Just as you can detect the opportunity, you can also detect problems or bottlenecks that you have not noticed. And optimising everything in your company to grow more is essential. If you are serious about growing up.

  1. Keep up to date in those areas

You will learn a lot from an expert advisor. We will keep you up-to-date on trends, processes, laws, policies, mechanisms and / or tools, which will also save you a lot of time and you can have a business at the forefront.

  1. We listen more to the one that comes from outside

Is not it right? We present you more cases or we give more value to the voice experience external to the internal staff. That is why the advisors are also great to positively influence your team, overcome resistance to change and / or motivate them to achieve new goals or processes.

  1. New life to your organisation

They give a break to the routine of your company, to your comfort zone and what it implies new challenges, processes and changes in the background.

  1. Concentrate on growing

The most forceful of all. You can concentrate on doing what you can to focus on doing what you can.

Having a legal adviser in the usual business process helps substantially in the decision making of the company, whether in fiscal, mercantile, administrative or labour matters. Their continuous involvement translates into a deep knowledge of the organisation, allowing to act in an agile, efficient and proactive manner and providing solidity and legal security.

The importance of a legal adviser lies in its preventive nature

Not only solves the problems that may arise, but also anticipates them, avoiding possible conflicts, which implies greater profitability for the company in the medium and long term. The panorama of great competitiveness in which companies are currently developing their activity requires that they have a very well defined legal-legal context to improve their financial efficiency and therefore increase their competitiveness.

Here at RS Chase Lawyers we will offer the assistance you require in order to improve your decisions on a daily basis and we will also offer you the protection you need in order to keep developing your business without any external issues.

5 reasons why an entrepreneur needs a lawyer


The day in which Robert de Niro, back in 1991, in the film the Cape of Fear, said: “Lawyer, lawyer, … are you there?”, Surely in his subconscious he was thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.

Keep in mind that here at RS Chase Lawyers we will offer the assistance you require in order to improve your decisions on a daily basis and we will also offer you the protection you need in order to keep developing your business without any external issues. Contact us today for more information regarding the range of services we can offer and receive utmost legal representation.

All the activity that surrounds the start-up of a business implies that the entrepreneurs are exposed to numerous decisions that can compromise their future as an entrepreneur. Knowing the risk that runs, it may be time to know some reasons why the entrepreneur needs a lawyer:

The contracts

The revision of day-to-day contracts is a fundamental task. The entrepreneur, especially at the beginning, usually engages with a huge number of suppliers, customers or other economic agents. In this sense, it is just at that moment where the entrepreneur acquires the biggest and most lasting commitments, being able to make mistakes due to his inexperience.

A clear example is the contract of the premises, where, unintentionally, we can incur penalties for cancelling it early or accepting an aspect that at the sight of a lawyer could be abusive clauses.

Recruitment or dismissal of employees

The incorporation or dismissal of workers is one of the parts that most concern employers. If there is something that should be delegated to professionals, it is at the moment of hiring an employee or firing him or her because of the economic impact that may have on the company’s accounts.

When incorporating a worker must take into account many aspects: compliance with the collective agreement, the approach of the employment contract, salary or duration. But equally, we must not neglect contractual agreements regarding aspects such as confidentiality or exclusivity as advised by these lawyers for SMEs.

The dismissal of a worker can be traumatic, and not only for the human part. It is very easy for an inexperienced entrepreneur to make the mistake of, even if he is right, because he does not have a lawyer, to convert a simple dismissal into an irrelevant one.

The constitution of the company

The constitution of the company, especially if we speak of a Limited Company, requires to be well advised. Relate to the notary, the distribution of social capital, the role of each partner or the statutes as a tool that makes the company work are aspects that we should not do alone.

The public administrations

The bureaucracy is one of the main historical complaints of entrepreneurs and not only is solved with patience. Administrative law and how we relate to public administrations require that we deal with a specialist who helps us resolve all administrative procedures.

Data protection

In recent years, and especially with the new Data Protection Regulation, the relationships we have with our clients or suppliers are affected by the constant threat of severe sanctions if we do not comply with the Law.

Having all our databases prepared and the documentation that demonstrates that they have given us the express consent are basic elements that the entrepreneur may not know how to solve by himself.

Lawyer for Entrepreneurs. How can you help me?

It seems that the word businessman no longer existed. It seems that it would have been replaced by an entrepreneur. There are those who talk about bubble, fleeting fashion, … We see it more as a new cycle. It is true that the number of publications and experts in entrepreneurship is excessive, but time and, above all, the market will deflate it.

It’s been a while since we entered a new era. And of course, globalisation and technologies have also changed the entrepreneur profile. In effect, they are now called an entrepreneur, the former self-employed, founder of an SME, the future owner of a family or visionary company that will transform some business sector.

It is normal to find someone that searching the internet they had barely found offices aimed at small businesses. At the beginning we did not understand him, we thought that most business consultancies have that same focus. But then he realised that he meant that few professionals offer to work on the first reality of an entrepreneur: create a small business. Because when resources are limited, starting is a very delicate process in which uncertainty can take all the illusion (and energy) at a stroke. It does not matter that the entrepreneur thinks more or less in a big way, the reality is that they are starting. In some way, the message of our website fulfilled its objective: to offer ourselves as the legal accomplice in that art to begin with. To a large extent, being a lawyer or advisor for entrepreneurs is helping to practice bootstrapping in the fiscal, accounting, labour or commercial areas.

Later, the entrepreneur manifests other needs. Depending on your business model, our work remains in the business consultancy or can be extended with the profile of start-ups to other services in the commercial area or the law of new technologies. In both cases we try to be as professional as possible and improve our technical knowledge day by day. But we think the main value is the ability to empathize with the entrepreneur-self-entrepreneur-CEO of start-ups. A lawyer for entrepreneurs must know how to work at his side, from the core of his business model, with the same passion and dedication for his company that he puts himself.


In conclusion, we see daily how the figure of the entrepreneur is changing. They also have to transform the profile and services that a professional need for a company such as the lawyer / advisor.

Here at RS Chase you will receive legal assistance to ensure you are making the right decision regarding your assets and how to protect them from potential future litigations.

8 reasons SME need lawyers’ protection and counselling


Think of all the daily activities that take place in an SME and you will see how having a team of lawyers will make your life easier because you will have legal advice and protection. Many everyday situations have a great legal burden that is worth consulting with an expert to do things right and avoid future problems.

Here at RS Chase Lawyers we will offer the assistance you require in order to improve your decisions on a daily basis and we will also offer you the protection you need in order to keep developing your business without any external issues. These are the 8 reasons why SME need lawyers help:

  1. Blind your relations with suppliers and clients

How many times have you closed an agreement by phone or exchanged emails? How many clauses would you have eliminated from a contract but due to ignorance or have you mentioned it? A contract not only avoids many misunderstandings that often occur but anticipates how we will act in case of disagreement. A lawyer will recommend clauses that foresee these situations and that protect us. In addition, you can advise us to include a clause that indicates that, in case of conflict, we will go to one before a trial, since it is a cheaper and quicker resolution.

  1. Stop the delinquency

The incidence of this problem in SMEs is high – 71% according to data from CEPYME, the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises; but what many entrepreneurs ignore is that they can reduce the impact of delinquency by paying attention to the administrative and legal details of day-to-day life: submitting a budget, requesting its acceptance, documenting the delivery of the product with a delivery note, specifying the deliverables of a project in a service contract … for all this, and to know if your bills meet the necessary legal requirements, or to clarify responsibilities in terms of delivery or quality, nothing better than picking up the phone and being able to consult it with a lawyer quickly and agile. They will indicate the appropriate preventive measures to adopt to avoid default and, if it happens, you will have the best negotiating weapons so that the claim is quick and allows you to recover the amount that corresponds to you.

  1. Avoid problems with the use of your customers’ data

Do you know that an action as usual as sending an email to a client with new offers can result in a fine if you do not have your consent? Fines can be horrible. The solution? Have an expert who you can ask any questions that arise, in day to day, with the management of personal data of customers and workers.

  1. When you plan to hire a worker

The latest labour reform has broken the rigidity of the market, allowing the employer many varieties of employment, functional mobility of workers, the possibility of changing the working day, hours, salary, flexibility in layoffs, etc. It is advisable to have good professional advice to help you monitor the structure costs and take advantage of the flexibility of the new law, advising you on which contracts benefit you the most, what rights and duties you have against your workers.


  1. Compete in an online environment

The unstoppable rise of new technologies has forced companies to put the batteries when dealing with issues such as electronic commerce, personal data protection, electronic signature, sweepstakes and promotions or comply with the cookie policy, … although the legal aspects that entail are not always clear.

On the Internet, not everything is valid and it must be borne in mind that an infraction committed in the online environment can obtain much greater magnitudes due to the simple fact of its immediacy and the number of affected people that may become involved. It is necessary to have the support of lawyers specialised in new technologies and online security to ensure that our website complies with all regulations.

  1. When family meals look like business meetings

If running a company is already a complicated task, also reconcile the interests of the family in its midst, it is much more. According to data from the Family Business Institute, 85% of companies are family members so the reconciliation between family and business interests is the bread and butter of each day. The generational change, conflicts of interest, emotional involvement in the business world, informality or too many family members participating in the management … are problems that hinder the management of the business, impact on the results and even the continuity of the company. It is not always easy for the family to face the resolution of these issues alone, often the best option is to gather the parties and through the intervention of a mediator with independent criteria and free of affective bonding, trying to find the best solution for everyone. company and to preserve interpersonal relationships.

  1. Protect personal assets

The Capital Companies Law may lead the administrator or members of the board of directors of a Limited or Limited Liability Company to respond with their personal assets due to the mismanagement of their company or even the inability to return to be an administrator. Some are unaware of the scope of this rule that regulates in greater detail the duties of management and loyalty of administrators and determines for example that any breach of the duty of loyalty not only set the obligation to compensate the damage caused to the social patrimony, but also must return to society the unjust enrichment obtained. If you have a lawyer among your team, they will be more aware of the risk to which the administrators are exposed and will help them assess the main changes that the legislator has made in this law to improve good governance in all capital companies.

  1. If you are a franchisee

The model of business expansion through franchising has grown in the last 5 years by 24.2%. For all those who have opened a franchise, it is important not only to understand the contract that binds them to the franchisor but also to know what their rights and obligations are against it. The discrepancies that arise between franchisees and franchisors are usually motivated by multiple causes but above all by obligations established in the contract such as lack of publicity of the network or technical or commercial assistance, infringement of the franchisee’s exclusive area, etc. Relatively frequent situations of conflict between the franchise and the franchisee occur and in any case, it is advisable to be prepared and well advised by a specialised lawyer who has clear from the beginning the rights and obligations of each of the parties.

Here at RS Chase you will receive legal assistance to ensure you are making the right decision regarding your assets and how to protect them from potential future litigations.

06. Our team approach

We work as a collaborative unit here at RS Chase, we utilise our knowledge and experience to provide immaculate and outstanding results for all our clients. Professionalism, reliability and utmost devotion are the main pylons we utilise to propel our firm’s success.

05. Excellent client care

“Your attitude will go a long way in determining your success, your recognition, your reputation and your enjoyment in being a lawyer.” We take pride in administering exceptional client care and support. For all cases we represent our clients with the utmost professionalism and ensure they are updated on each and every step.

04. We stay ahead of the curve

By updating and continuously evolving our knowledge is what sets us apart from competition here at RS Chase. All our lawyers put in the time to read on new legislative alterations and industry changes that will in turn benefit the outcome of your next case.

03. Our rigorous attention to detail

Focusing on the minor details and extracting the fine lines is what wins cases. Here at RS Chase, we are dedicated to our vocation and we continuously strive for our success and our client’s prosperity. From all law cases, we take every one seriously and handle it with the utmost care and confidentiality.

02. Honest & clear advice

We liaise with our clients extensively to ensure that both parties comprehend the severity and the details of the case. This enables our team to act accordingly and win complex cases with ease and excellence. We relay information to our clients accurately and ensure they are with us along the way.

01. Our Team’s Unrivalled Experience

“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers”. Here at RS Chase we administer exceptional professionalism and dedication with each case we undertake. Extensive experience in the industry is what sets us apart, as we liaise and employ only the finest and most reputable lawyers from all around Australia.