RS CHASE/legal expertise

RS CHASE Lawyers are well educated in the field of law and possess a unique skill set. The ability to handle the diversity of today’s complex law obstacles proves why RS CHASE is at its peak of success. We have significant experience across all our sectors of focus. From motor traffic laws to commercial and property law RS CHASE always prioritises the client making sure the client is elated.

RS CHASE Lawyers is an incorporated legal practice committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, providing quality, cost-effective legal services. We offer practical and sensible advice and flexibility in the delivers of our services and in our fee structures. We believe in prompt attention to each matter, regular communication and accessibility of all staff.



Our Success rate

What makes RS CHASE stand out is our holistic approach to the process, learning and building a fundamental relationship with each client, comprehending their goals for the future. This in-depth strategy is highly customised to achieve long term success not only in the court room but for our client’s future aspirations.

Our dedication to our role as legal attorneys and our compassion for our clients sets us apart. Working on each case with a strong sense of responsibility and a firm commitment to our cause: “Defending your rights!”

Our Expertise

The RS CHASE law firm regarding commercial law engulfs a variety of discrete areas. We offer outstanding advice on contractual disputes with customers, suppliers and manufactures ensuring a straightforward solution for our corporate clients. RS CHASE also offers consultation in regards to insolvency. We understand that it is a hardship to experience and our team will always tackle business issues with the maximum respect and determination in order to rejuvenate a bankrupt business. In this broad field, we display and dispute resolutions in industrial, commercial, residential and private insurance claims for insurers and claimers.

RS CHASES’s Commercial Litigation unit provides high quality and effective legal service without the financial burden. We recognise that litigation is an inevitable and significant part of private, business and commercial affairs. RS CHASE Lawyers understand commercial disputes. What sets us apart is our dedication to providing cost effective, easy to comprehend, personal service combined with extensive technical expertise. Nevertheless, if a matter is to be litigated we agree on a strategy with our client, devote the resources and vigorously preserve the outcome.

RS CHASE excel in property law. This area actively monitors all matters relating to or associated with buying or selling a property, leasing and licensing as well as transferring titles. RS CHASE's property lawyers have the knowledge and experience to ensure your best interests are not lost in red tape. Our diverse staff base will assist and guide you through complex contracts, special conditions and legal requirements establishing that you will be protected. As property transactions become increasingly convoluted, we have the experience and the devotion to ensure we always create the best legal strategy to suit our client’s needs and expectations.

Touching off property law, RS CHASE Lawyers offer specific mortgage services. We understand and recognise that managing income and expenses is a daunting task, especially for properties. Our focus encompasses the full range of mortgage advance and recovery work with and emphasis on:

  • Issuing loan facility documents.
  • Commencing enforcement procedures against defaulting borrowers.
  • Implementing strategies and pivotal points for our clients.
  • Interactions with ASIC, in order to help apply for an Australian Credit License (ACL).

Conveyancing is the legal term for transferring a title or an interest in a property from one party to another. Value, Relationships, Convenience and Multi-Discipline : the fundamentals of RS CHASE’s Conveyancing services. Not only do we provide the primary service we guide our clients through purchase agreements, financial agreements and business Conveyancing. RS CHASE Lawyers in the focus of Conveyancing undergo professional education each year to keep up to date with legislate changes and enhance their skills further. How we would help you:

  • Assisting in agent research
  • Examining owner certificates and contracts.
  • Researching if any government authority has a vested interest.
  • Calculating all adjustments and reaching a settlement.

Arguments are rarely fair, so we prefer settlements. Our family lawyers can assist. Our team of experienced lawyers can give you comprehensive advice about your legal rights, entitlements and obligations. We specialise in this area, resolving financial disputes and parenting issues regarding the arrangement of the children, which is always a tender matter needed to be dealt with the outmost respect and care. With our innovative and experienced advice, guidance and representation many of our clients are able to achieve timely family settlements without extensive financial burdens.

Client confidentiality is important and we understand some clients might want as little media exposure as possible. At RS CHASE, our specialist criminal lawyers and solicitors offer confidential and professional advice, ensuring a high degree of professionalism. Obtaining the advice from an experienced criminal defence lawyer, can give your case the best possible chance of success. For a variety of reasons, pleading guilty to a criminal offence would be beneficial and favourable in most circumstances, getting our client back on the right path with the necessary assistance required. RS CHASE stands to prove that people can and do lead productive lives despite the setback of a prison sentence. At RS CHASE we provide unrivalled advice and assistance throughout all stages of a criminal case. Our team of lawyers will assess possible outcomes and present a straightforward solution with minimal obstacles for our clients.

Our specialist traffic lawyers are passionate and driven to obtain a fair outcome for our clients. The driving laws in the state of Victoria are established by the Road Safety Act 1986 and Road Rules. There is a wide range of offences that are covered by this legislation and the law is often confusing. It is our job to give you clear advice and guidance so you make the best decision that consecutively achieves the greatest outcome. We handle and attend court in relation to:

  • Drink driving violations
  • Speeding / Dangerous driving
  • Driving with a suspended licence

Because at RS CHASE we know that being charged with a traffic offence can be extremely stressful and somewhat annoying, without the appropriate precipitation this could lead to very serious consequences, something we all endeavour to avoid.

Wills are legal documents, formally declaring how your assets are to be distributed upon ones death. They will name the person who will be responsible for carrying out your will, the executor. A grant of probate is also required, before the assets of a deceased person can be distributed. RS CHASE Lawyers can assist you with the process of obtaining one. Our experienced team will put together and assist with the composing of letters of administration, caveats and all necessary documentation in order to provide an easy, straightforward process for you and your family. We cannot stress the importance, that an executor receives advice from an experienced lawyer during this process. From the moment of agreement you will be responsible for carrying out all the legal steps that are necessary to deal with all components of the deceased's will, which could be a misunderstood and misinterpreted task.

RS CHASE offers state of the art assistance in regards to planning, development and environmental law with a dedicated local government planning practice, we have considerable experience in providing timely and accurate advice to Councils in all areas of planning law. Our depth of experience allows us to manage property portfolios, protect the environment, undertake local land use planning, control pollution and provide essential facilities to the local community. RS CHASE can assist you from the early stages of the project and development planning, through the application process and if necessary, appeal to the Land/Environment Court.